Position 21, Category Anchor

Roll or Double?

Black vs White

Match to 3, Score: 0 - 0

added at 12/18/2009 3:39 PM, from admin

Pipcount: 114(-63) - 177(+63)

Gnu BG ID:

Clear market looser (making the 5 or hitting loose and not being hit back) call for a double. Despite this the take is clear, with all the blots and a healthy distribution.

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backgammon position number 21 - checkerplay.com

Evaluation Level: XG Roller+

Winning Chances:

Player: 61.55%29.56%30.30%1.69%
Opponent: 38.45%30.13%7.90%0.42%

Cubeful Equities:

No Double:+0.697-0.071
Double / Take:+0.768best
Double / Drop:+1.000+0.232

Best Cube Action: Double / Take

Cubeless Equities:

No Double:+0.620

Software: eXtreme Gammon Version: 1.10. MET: eXtremeGammon