Position 769, Category Holding

Roll or Double?

Black vs White

Moneygame: No Jacoby, no Beaver

added at 3/22/2010 10:25 AM, from admin

Pipcount: 63(+6) - 57(-6)

Gnu BG ID:

Even black is 6 pips down, there are many market losing sequences (Clearing the 11 or leaving a shot and not get hit).

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backgammon position number 769 - checkerplay.com

Evaluation Level: 6 ply

Winning Chances:

Player: 74.87%73.59%1.27%0.01%
Opponent: 25.13%25.09%0.04%0.00%

Cubeful Equities:

No Double:+0.728-0.124
Double / Take:+0.852best
Double / Drop:+1.000+0.148

Best Cube Action: Double / Take

Cubeless Equities:

No Double:+0.510

Software: eXtreme Gammon Version: 1.13