Backgammon category: Blitz

One of the best possible strategies leading to a gammon win is the 'blitz'. Blitzes are games where you catch your opponent off- balance and without an anchor. You hit him, hopefully you hit one (or more) men and you keep on hitting. Your goal is close him out. Without the anchor he is having a desperate time just trying to enter on your board, and when he enters you go on hitting him again even inside your board. The ultimate aim of the blitz: your opponent ends up with his men on the bar, and you have a closed inner board.

Pipcount: 147(-26) - 173(+26)

1 Cube Decision

Pipcount: 148(-32) - 180(+32)

2 Cube Decisions

Pipcount: 152(-29) - 181(+29)

1 Checker Play

Pipcount: 145(-28) - 173(+28)

1 Cube Decision
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