How to add a position

Step 1: Analyze the checker play or cube decision in eXtremeGammon

After you have analyzed the position in eXtremeGammon press either choose"CTRL" + "C" or "File" - "Export" - "Position to clipboard(default)". The analysis results of your position are copied to the clipboard.
All forms of analysis results (Rollout, XGRoller+, XGRoller, 7py to 1 1ply) are supported for the import.

Step 2: Paste the results into the form

If you have created an account and are logged in, you can add the position. Go to "add a new position" and paste the content of the clipboard into the form. You can do this by pressing "CTRL" + "V" or use the  right mouse button and choose "Paste" from the menu.
Click "Submit" to proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Choose a category and and a comment

If your position is not found in the database you must choose a category, if this position is found in the database (lets say with different dice), automatically the right category is selected. If you wish, you can add a comment (maximum 500 characters and no special characters like ()<>"'). Here you have also the option to make the player names anonymous.
Click "Submit" to proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Add some tags that fit to the position

Your position is already stored in the database. But you should add some tags that fit the position. To do so, you can choose from the listed tags or if no tag fits the position you can add a new tag (actually as many as you want) . Be careful, if you want to add a new tag, because first you will have to add the tag and then select the tag (and maybe some of the others as well).
Click "Submit" to add the tags. You are done and will be redirected to the position!