Position 896, Category Holding

Roll or Double?

gnubg vs JellyFish

Match to 25, Score: 14 - 11

added at 7/20/2010 10:52 AM, from admin

Pipcount: 135(-55) - 190(+55)

Gnu BG ID:

Gnu doubled and JellyFish passed, with two men on the bar against a three point board this looks very reasonable. According to eXtreme this is a very easy take and a pass is a big blunder.

Tags: JellyFish blunder | software disagreement |

backgammon position number 896 - checkerplay.com

Evaluation Level: 6 ply

Winning Chances:

Player: 66.88%33.47%32.48%0.93%
Opponent: 33.12%26.42%6.42%0.28%

Cubeful Equities:

No Double:+0.814-0.065
Double / Take:+0.879best
Double / Drop:+1.000+0.121

Best Cube Action: Double / Take

Cubeless Equities:

No Double:+0.620

Software: eXtreme Gammon Version: 1.20. MET: Rockwell-Kazaross