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Welcome to the checkerplay Quiz

The checkerplay quiz is a tool to improve your game and find leaks or just to enjoy solving some backgammon problems.

Quiz settings:

You can specify what kind of positions will come up. You have these options:

Position filter:

  • All: this setting will simply bring a random position, regardless if you have already seen or solved this position before.
  • Only new positions: here you will get only positions, that you have never seen before.
  • Only mistakes: you will only get positions where you have made a mistake and never solved.
  • Only mistakes and new: here you get positions never seen or positions not solved.

Your answers are divided into the following ranges: solved (eq.=0.0), inaccuracy (eq.<0.02), error (0.02<eq.< 0.08) and blunder (eq.>0.08).

Category filter:

  • All: positions from all categories
  • specific category: self-explanatory

The cool thing is, that you can combine these filters, e.g. you could set the position filter to "only mistakes and new" and the category filter to "opening first move". This combination would bring up positions from the "opening first move" until you have solved all this positions. Very useful for training.

Statistics and Results:

Here you can browse your results and see the right solution. There are also detailed statistics for your answers. You have several options to browse your results.


  • Equity: you can choose from, all, inaccuracy or worse, error or worse and blunder
  • Time: you have the option to choose different time based filters.

Sort: You can sort your results either by position number, equity or date, clicking twice reverses the order.

You have also the option to delete your answer, but you should do that only if you really mis-clicked, otherwise your stats are falsified.

The quiz can be used for free until the end of the beta test, you only need a free account to start. Have fun!