Great Games to Play in Your Downtime


Gaming has become a rampant trend worldwide, and it has no boundaries as both adults and children participate. Most people play games for fun, especially after having a long day schedule. This is because games enhance relaxation and break the boredom more so during your downtime.

Recent technological advancements have led to the development of online games where one can experience the thrill by facing real-time online players. In this article, we have compiled a list of games that help you pass your free time while having unprecedented fun.

Online Casino Games

This broad selection in the gaming world encompasses poker, blackjack, baccarat, craps, live dealer, and other options. You can play for fun as well as make extra bucks. Some casino games and platforms offer exciting bonuses and promotions that can boost your wallet as you have fun. For instance, the Big Six Wheel is a fun game, while some platforms offer promotional spins that can give you a head start to minting.

Games such as poker and other card games are also exciting as you can also play with other players worldwide. All that is required is choosing your favorite casino game and platform and have fun.

Games of Throne Winter is Coming

This is a fun, authentic, and challenging video game based on the prominent TV show Games of Thrones. It mainly focuses on kingdom building and incorporates other interesting gameplay components such as RPG 3D battles. Its exquisite graphics put you in the likeliness of the TV show.

It is a progressive game where you gain skills as you battle for the Iron Throne. You are required to build a strong army by running the castle, unleashing new technologies, recruiting new troops. This creates an illusion of the Game of Thrones show which is ideal for managing downtime.


It is an epic fantasy story game that has an exciting multiplayer mode. The game has five powerful classes: vampire, mage, paladin, necromancer, and berserker, and every character has distinct weapons and skills. The more you play, the higher the chances of unleashing new weapons and skills. You can also outweigh other monsters and manifest your command in other magical lands.

In-game trading equipment can make you richer. You can also experience fun by defeating monsters and making money. Players can also participate in real-time duels such as single-player PvPs, multiplayer fights, family, and legion wars.

Forge of Empires

In this game, you build your own city and flashback the stone age experiences all the way to the contemporary era. You can also explore new technologies and boost your empire with strategic campaigns and skills. Participating in single-player campaigns can escalate your progress until you completely conquer the continent.

You can also research and create advanced battle units, products, and mind-blowing buildings. More fun comes in when you develop your empire by financing using tax money. You can face the wrath of battles via the computer or other real-time players.

Bottom Line

Games have become an inevitable part of our lifestyle and can be imperative in killing time. Some like casino games give players a chance to make extra money. There are claims that games are also vital for mental health. During your downtime, you can choose any of the above-discussed games and have fun.

updated: Wednesday, October 6, 2021