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Advanced backgammon strategy: Rake adjusted cube handling

When playing online, the house takes a fee (rake) from the winner of the game. So I was wondering if that can change the proper cube decision of some positions. We will look at two simple bear offs, in one position we can offer a double in the other we are offered a double and have to decide if we take.


Let's take position 574 as an example. We will assume you play $10 a point and the rake is 5%, with the winner paying 10% (also paying the 5% for the loser), a very common setting in today's backgammon online industry. The following calculations are based on the assumption, that you have at least $80 at the table, the maximum amount you could win or loose, when you decide to double.

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Take or Pass

As an example we will look at position 594, you are white and have to decide, whether you should take or pass.

In a regular money game this is an easy take.

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