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Want to show how much you care about backgammon? With web hosting and domain, it's expensive to keep the site up and running. Currently, all of the expensive come right out of the administrator's pocket. That's why I now offer a method for you to donate and help us stay online!

As a supporter of checkeplay you will have full access to the quiz and all other features of the site.

You have to options to support

  1. Add 10 positions

    Please add at least 10 positions to checkeplay. Preferably positions from the opening that are not yet anylzed. To qualify, a position should be rolled out so often, that the confidence is lower then 0.005. Moves and cube decisions should be at least 4-ply, better XG Roller+ or XG Roller++.

  2. Donate

    While the suggested donation is $10, I will be thankful for ALL donations, big and small. 100% of donations will be used to support the site, and NONE of it will be used for personal expenses. To get started, simply click Donate and follow the instructions. If you want to have full access to the quiz your minimum donation should be $10.

Either option will grant you full access to the quiz for one year!

You can also donate with bitcoin: 12ZQqQbGgTnZeePzvEb8RhkZopcdijY56j


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