The backgammon opening

All games start with the same position. So you should know what the best moves are. The right replies to the opening are often not so easy find, but because these positions arise so frequently you should study them carefully.

My idea was to create an easy to navigate "backgammon opening book", like you have it in chess. To accomplish that, I created a procedure, that recursively searches the database, beginning with the initial position. All positions that result after a reasonable move (equity range of 0.045) a page is created in menu on the right. For each found position the procedure is repeated. This is repeated over and over again until there are no more positions found, the result is the opening tree for all psotions that are at the moment stored in the database.

On the left hand side you see all rolls and the reasonable moves. Click on the move you are interested in and so will find an overview that shows you all analyzed moves. You will also see a list of moves that are not yet analyzed.

If you want to participate and help to extend the opening you can simply copy and paste the XGID (basically the position in format that eXtremegammon can read). No need to set up the position and dice.



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